Well, this is an interesting column, and I'm really happy with the recipes and all - things I'll be glad to make at home for breakfast!

But brunch exists precisely because you don't have to cook it.

You're not paying extra for the avocados and the below-the-bar booze in and of themselves, that's a false equivalency.… » 4/16/15 5:19pm Thursday 5:19pm

There's really no reason NOT to just eat at Hawker Centers all the time in Singapore. Sit-down restaurants in Sing tend to be pretty expensive, and the food just isn't that much better unless you're going really high end.

My favorite part of eating in the food centers is sharing the long tables with Singaporeans who… » 4/16/15 11:10am Thursday 11:10am

They tried this shit in the Montana legislature this session too - and you're right about the cynical ploy for political attention from the far right.

But, hey, I guess if you're big into feudalism, this plan seems pretty damn impressive. We're already a bunch of fucking peasants at this point anyway. Might as well… » 4/09/15 9:44pm 4/09/15 9:44pm