Uh, so correct me if I'm wrong on these, or they need an update:

Stef: Porsche 944 Crapcan, Also, Nondescript Dailydriver Sedan I Can't Think Of
Kat: Honda Logo TS
Torch: TorchBug, Reliant Scimitar, Scion xB, Big-Ass Motorhome
Doug: Range Rover, Nissan GT-R, New Mystery Car (RIP, CTS-V Wagon, Ferrari 360)
Raph: Baja Bug,… » 2/01/15 3:21pm Today 3:21pm

I've been known to bring two sets of keys for the trade-in evaluation. If they really are going to pull the "lost keys" trick, they can have the valet key, I'll just walk out the door with my real set.

This has gotten more difficult with electronic keys, and keyless ignition, but it works the same way. When you tell… » 1/29/15 5:07pm Thursday 5:07pm